A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In Pretty Panzer you customize your Panzer and destroy waves of enemy vehicles to unlock new weapons and armor! Also you plant flowers with your bullets and by destroying enemies to gain control of the battlefield.


  • Top-down perspective
  • 4 Player local Multplayer
  • Customizable vehicle (currently 280 possible combinations!)
  • Awesome soundtrack by Ashton Morris
  • Arcade, SHMUP caravan-style gameplay
  • Varying enemy types that get tougher with every wave
  • Play with mouse/keyboard or controller (Xbox 360 Pad)
  • Lots of flowers
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Install instructions

You may need DirectX 9 for Windows


Pretty PANZER Win.zip 66 MB
Pretty PANZER Linux.zip 75 MB
Pretty PANZER MacOS.zip 74 MB
prettypanzer.jar 34 MB